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Course Description:

Web Page Design – one semester for 1 credit                                     Grades 10, 11, & 12

Prerequisites:  Business Exploratory


This course will introduce students to the web design software programs HTML, IWeb, Google Sites and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.   Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 is a powerful Web site management software program with an HTML editor that is used to design, code, and create professional –looking Web pages, Web sites, and Web applications. 


The students will use the textbook Dreamweaver 8 by Shelley Cashman.  This course will cover the first four chapters in the textbook.  Also, the students will create a number of other websites like the following:


The students will learn the basics of web graphics and design using the programs


Other programs such as IMovie and Garage Band will be taught and the projects embedded into the student’s web pages.



Students, you need to read and sign Mrs. Grandgeorge’s Internet Agreement form before you may use the computers in Room N216.  Also, you and your parents are required to sign the Internet Agreement sheet before getting on the Internet on any school computer.





Grading System

Quarter graders will be determined as a result of the points you have accumulated during the course of the grading period.  You will be graded on:

1.     Assignments - 40%

a.    Chapter projects

b.    Graphic editing projects

2.    Web Pages – 40%

3.    Chapter Tests – 20%


In fairness to the people who get their work done on time, late work will only be given partial credit or not credit at all. 


Grading Scale


                                                        Percent               Grade

                                                92. 5 – 100 %         A

                                                89.5 – 92.4%         A-

                                                86.5 – 88.5%         B+

                                                82.5 – 86.4%         B

                                                79.5 – 82.4%         B-

                                                76.5 – 79.4%         C+

                                                72.5 – 76.4%         C

                                                69.5 – 72.4%         C-

                                                66.5 – 69.4%         D+

                                                62.5 – 66.4%         D

                                                59.5 – 62.4%         D-

                                                Below 59.4% F




Semester Grade Project

A student may opt out of the semester test provided that they have not missed more than two days of school and they have received a B average or better in the class at the conclusion of both quarters.



Teacher Expectations: