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Prerequisites:  Business Exploratory


Course Description:

Graphic Design is a semester long course, worth 1 credit


#91  Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop is a popular image-editing program that will teach students how to design graphics, special effect images, logos, artwork, posters, cards, advertisements, and brochures. The students will also create web graphics and backgrounds that will be used in designing web pages. Filtering, adding effects, masking, airbrushing, retouching, removing red-eye, and changing the color contrast of images are skills that students will learn in order to enhance electronic digital images.


The students will create a real-world business simulation using the desktop publishing and graphic computer programs.  For example, the students will create a new restaurant.  This simulation has been developed to provide real world experience in developing business documents using the Adobe computer programs. 


Other programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, IMovie, IPhoto, ITunes, IDVD, IWeb, Garage Band, Podcasts, Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Movie Maker may be taught, within the curriculum.






Grading System

Quarter graders will be determined as a result of the points you have accumulated during the course of the grading period.  You will be graded on:

1.     Quality of the designs

2.    Daily Assignments

3.    Projects

4.    Quizzes and Tests


In fairness to the people who get their work done on time, late work will only be given partial credit or not credit at all. 








Grading Scale


                                                        Percent               Grade

                                                92. 5 – 100 %         A

                                                89.5 – 92.4%         A-

                                                86.5 – 88.5%         B+

                                                82.5 – 86.4%         B

                                                79.5 – 82.4%         B-

                                                76.5 – 79.4%         C+

                                                72.5 – 76.4%         C

                                                69.5 – 72.4%         C-

                                                66.5 – 69.4%         D+

                                                62.5 – 66.4%         D

                                                59.5 – 62.4%         D-

                                                Below 59.4%          F




Semester Grade Project

The semester test is the finished business simulation printed off and in a binder.  All projects will be burnt to CD’s and DVD’s.







Teacher Expectations:


Students, you need to read and sign Mrs. Grandgeorge’s Internet Agreement form before you may use the computers in Room N216.  Also, you and your parents are required to sign the Internet Agreement sheet before getting on the Internet on any school computer.