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Business Exploratory is a one semester long class, worth 1 credit.

9th, 10, 11, and 12th grade students take this class.

Business Exploratory is the required course for all business classes at the high school.


This course will introduce students to the growing world of business and technology.  It teaches skills in the business area that students will use the rest of their lives. 


Technology -  Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, IMovie, IPhoto, Garage Band, Blogs, Wikis, Google Docs and other Google Tools, and MicroType,






·         1st Quarter – The students will

o   Type business letters, memos, reports, and resumes.

o   Create a Power Point presentation about another country.

o   Create a Podcast about Bill Gates


·         2nd Quarter – The students will

o   Design a newsletter or brochure for a new business they would want to start.

o   Design a brochure about a company that is part of the DJIA.

o   Pick stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchange.

o   Complete a practice set that will give you practical experience by writing checks, keeping checkbook records, and reconciling monthly statements.


·         Semester Test

o   Create a Power Point presentation about a large corporation.


·         The students who excel in technology will be given the opportunity to learn

·         Imovie (make videos using pictures, text, transitions, and music)

·         Garage Band (write songs and publish podcasts).


Business - The students will learn about;

·         Accounting

o   How to deposit checks, write checks, keep a checkbook balance, and reconcile their checkbook with a bank statement.

·         Banking

o   What CD’s, savings accounts, and loans are.

·         Economy

o   Business cycle; prosperity, recession, depression, and recovery

o   Economic resources; natural, human, and capital

·         Entrepreneurship

o   Adults from the business community will come and talk about their business.

·         Stock market and Financial Management

o   Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

o   How to buy and sell stocks.




Grading System – Quarter grades will be determined as a result of the points the student has accumulated during the course of the grading period.


                                                        Percent               Grade

                                                92. 5 – 100 %         A

                                                89.5 – 92.4%         A-

                                                86.5 – 88.5%         B+

                                                82.5 – 86.4%         B

                                                79.5 – 82.4%         B-

                                                76.5 – 79.4%         C+

                                                72.5 – 76.4%         C

                                                69.5 – 72.4%         C-

                                                66.5 – 69.4%         D+

                                                62.5 – 66.4%         D

                                                59.5 – 62.4%         D-

                                                Below 59.4%          F


Students will be graded on the following; classroom assignments, keyboarding assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests.


In fairness to the students who get their work done on time, late work will only be given partial credit. 


Teacher Expectations:


Students, you need to read and sign Mrs. Grandgeorge’s Computer Usage Agreement form before you may use the computers in Room N216.  Also, you and your parents are required to sign the Internet Agreement sheet before getting on the Internet on any school computer.