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Jeopardy Assignment


Your assignment is to create a Power Point of a Jeopardy game

  • You will create a Jeopardy game.
  • Use the following for the six categories of questions
    • Iowa Falls – Alden Trivia
    •  Biology
    • American History
    • Spanish/Mexican
    • Books/Authors
    • Agriculture
  • For each category, you need to think of five questions.  Be sure the $100 question is the easiest and the $500 question is the hardest.  You will have to look up in books or the Internet to make sure your answer is correct.
  • Insert a table with 6 rows and 6 columns
  • Insert the title JEOPARDY at the top of the slide.
  • Insert the word Final Jeopardy at the bottom of the slide.
  • In the top row, decide on 6 categories of questions you will be asking.  Type in the category names along the top.
  • Insert 30 new slides.
    • Give each slide a title.  Example  Biology $100  Biology $200  Biology $300  Biology $400  Biology $500
  • Change your color scheme
    • Custom scheme
    • Custom
      • Background – blue
      • Text & lines – white
      • Title text – white
      • Accent & hyperlink – white
      • Accent and followed hyperlink – blue
    • Apply it to all the slides
  • Go to each slide and type up the question.
    • Think up questions that high school students can answer. 
    • Stay away from large number questions.  Don’t ask questions like how many miles away is the sun from the earth. 
    • You can research information on the Internet
  • Go to each slide and type up the answer.
    • Insert a picture of the answer also
    • The picture should be a clue to the answer
  • Animate each text on the slide so that the question comes up and the answer won’t come up until you click the mouse.
    • Animate the picture to come in with the answer
    • Don’t animate the title of the slide
  • Create two daily double slides
    • In Word Art, write Daily Double
    • Animate the words Daily Double to come up and then leave before the question is shown.
  • Don’t forget to do the Final Jeopardy slide.
    • Find the sound for Jeopardy and insert it after the question is asked and before the answer comes up.
    • Be sure the sound starts after the question.
  • On slides 2 – 32
    • Insert AutoShape Action button of the house.
    • Hyperlink back to the 1st slide.
  • On the first slide
    • Hyperlink each dollar amount, ($100) to the slide where the question is for the game.
  • When you are all done,
    • Check to make sure all of your hyperlinks work
    • Print out the Jeopardy game as handouts, 3 per slide
    • Be sure you print in Black and White





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