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In Photoshop, create a poster for the front doors of the school. 

  • Start a new document
  • Name it School sign
  • Change the dimensions
    • Width is 8.5 inches
    • Height is 11 inches
  • Change the quality to 300 dpi
  • Chose a white background
  • Insert a new layer
    • Shapes - Draw 2 black stars
    • Shapes - Draw 2 red stars
    • Name the layer stars
  • Insert a new layer
    • Shapes – Draw a banner – (chose your own color)
    • Name the layer banner
  • Draw a text box
    • Welcome to Iowa Falls Alden High School! We are glad you are here.
      • Change the color to red
      • Change the font to one you like
      • Change the size of the text
      • Name the layer welcome
  • Draw a text box
    • We ask that all our visitors to please sign in at the office upon entering.
      • Change the color to black
      • Change the font to one you like
      • Name the layer office
  • Insert a new layer
    • File open the cadet logo
    • Drag the cadet onto the poster
    • You may have to resize the cadet so it’s not so big
    • Name the layer cadet
  • Add other shapes to the sign if you like
  • You will be grades on the attractiveness of the sign
  • Print off the poster and hand it in to Mrs. Grandgeorge
  • Write your name on the back of the sign





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